J.L. Sampedro prize

World Economy Society (WES) organizes the Fourth World Economy Prize “Jose Luis Sampedro“ in order to promote and disseminate the researches on world economy.

The rules of the prize are the following ones:

1st. There will be chosen a first prize and a special mention of research. These will be chosen from the papers submitted to the World Economy Meeting XIII (WEM XIII).

2nd. Papers have to be focused on world economy.

3rd. The first prize will be awarded with 1,000 €. Winners will receive as well a diploma and their papers will be published in the Journal of World Economy, with a mention about the prize.

4th. Deadlines are the same of papers submission of papers to the WEM XIII but the authors must indicate that the paper opts to the prize.

5th. Papers and authors must fulfil the following requirements: • • Fulfilling the requirements of papers submission to WEM XIII. • Receiving a positive evaluation of the Scientific Committee of the WEM XIII. • Registering to WEM XIII. • Defending the paper at the table assigned in the WEM XIII.

6th. Received papers will undergo a double evaluation process. • First, they will be qualified by the presidents of each table; • second, best qualified papers will be refereed by the prize committee. The members of the committee will be WES President –or a delegated person-, WES General Secretary – non-voting- and four prestigious researchers in world economy.

7th. The prize can be left without winners if the committee considers that the papers do not meet the required requirements.

8th. Committee’s final decision can not be appealed.

9th. The prize will be paid by bank checks.

10th. The prize-winning papers will transfer their publishing rights exclusively to the Journal of World Economy.

11th. Participating into this prize implies the acceptance of all its clauses.

All participating papers will be evaluated according to this evaluation form