World Economy Society is a scientific association founded within the First Meeting of World Economy celebrated at the University of Huelva in 1999. Within these 10 years this society has acquired an international dimension with the addition of members from different countries (Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Portugal, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Israel, Morocco…) and has increased its size surpassing the 250 members, among which there are university professors, researchers, entrepreneurs, consultants, advisors and international officials.

World Economy Society is publishing the scientific journal Revista de Economía Mundial (Journal of World Economy) since that same year, along with the Publications Service of the University of Huelva. This journal has achieved a great international prestige and is indexed in the most important international databases such as EBSCO Publishing, DOAJ, EconLit, Latindex, Ulrich’s, CINDOC, Dialnet, Latindex, Social Sciences Citation Index and Journal Citation Report.

The World Economy Meeting, annually held by the World Economy Society, is an international forum opened to different economic approaches, where research works about world economy are presented and discussed. It is also a meeting place for discussion, emphasizing to all researchers, teachers, students and other professionals in the economy that focus on the global economy analysis.

After 12 World Economy Meetings (Huelva University, León University, San Pablo CEU University in Madrid, A Coruña University, Seville University, Extremadura University, Complutense University of Madrid, Alicante University, Autonomous University of Madrid, Barcelona University, Huelva University and University of Santiago), the Society of World Economy accepted the proposal of the University of the Basque Country to organize the 13th Meeting of World Economy.

The Meeting of World Economy XIII will be held between 25 and 27 May 2011 at the University College of Business Studies of Donostia-San Sebastián at University of the Basque Country, and it will be an international conference which is expected to involve more than 100 researchers about world economy from different countries, mostly members of World Economy Society.

At this conference the main aspects of the world economy will be discussed, but placing a particular emphasis on the problems of the Global Governance in the context of the crisis and changes overcoming at the Global Economic System. For the time being, these are the speakers that accepted to participate at the meeting:
- Daniel Innerarity, Professor of Philosophy and Social Policy, Ikerbasque investigator and Director of the Institute for Democratic Governance
- Michael Camdessus, Managing Director of IMF till 2000
- Josep Borrell; he was President of the European Parliament till 2007 and he is now rector of European University Institute of Florence.